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PLF Series Features

  • Various vessels selections from 10L to 50000L of total volume
  • Stainless steel vessel with double wall
  • Option between bottom drive and top drive agitation
  • Compact foot print, space-saving design combined with optimum accessibility
  • Optimum access to reactor periphery and efficient use of space
  • The PLF series control panel cabinet includes several inputs such as sensors and output connections such as motors, indicators, etc; and controls as standard.
  • In-situ sterilizable, high efficiency, and high accuracy design
  • Suitable for special culturing processes such as tissue culture, animal cell culture, insect cell culture (with optimal add-on devices)
  • High-precision pumps for accurate process control and optimum security
  • All the measurement, data acqusition, control, and data chart are powered by BIODAS Software
  • Open frame design providing ready access for operation and maintenance
  • Inclusive powerful PC with 17” TFT color LCD panel which run BIODAS software   for digital control and measurement of the hardware
  • Precise measurement of the weight of the reactor vessel thanks to central vessel fixing point
  • Splash-proof control cabinet and touch screen


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