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CLF Bioreactor | Fermentor Overview

CLF Bioreactor | Fermentor

CLF series is categorized into CLF alpha and CLF beta. CLF alpha is a compact, flexible, easy to handle, multifunction and upgradeable bioreactor designed for meeting demanding requirements in both research and process development. Unrivaled for scale-down and scale-up modeling of various culture processes. It has parallel processes support as well which is called CLF beta.

The operations are controlled by inclusive colorLCD touch screen monitor powered by BIODAS software. All entered data for the culture such as set points, On/Off status of parameters, PID settings, etc can be automatically saved to an interchangeable "memory card". The CLF series are able to links to data-logging and control software via a serial connection or Ethernet (Touchscreen).The integrated OPC server makes the connection with additional unit as simple as possible. A parallel bioreactor option (CLF beta) allows to control up to 8 bioreactors with a single controller. Special configurations or modifications of CLF plus series are available on request, providing ultimate flexibility for the user.

Available in bacterial and cell culture versions, CLF series is supplied as a package with everything necessary to take the next step in capacity and control. For example, the basic bacterial package gives you pH control, feeding, sampling and software for data-logging straight out of the box. 


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