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Photo Luminance vessel

Photo luminance vessel is a photobioreactor which incorporates with the light source to provide photogenic energy input into the reactor. This vessel can provide ideal lighting conditions for cultivation plant suspensions, algae and phototrophic bacteria. The light source is from LED lights which are individually controlled via BIODAS Bio-software. Up to four illuminator per vessel serve optimized light spectra to perform highest rate of photosynthesis and growth of the bacteria/ cell.


  • Multiple selection of vessel from up to 10 L
  • Multiple choice of Impeller design provide  flexibility and high yields for different cell types
  • Ideal for plant cells, algae, and phototrophic bacteria
  • Temperature is controlled by the intensity of the LED light
  • The intensity of the LED light can be control via BIODAS Bio-software
  • Prevent minimize contamination
  • Prevent water evaporation
  • Decrease carbon dioxide losses due to out gassing
  • Permit high cell concentration
  • Able to produce complex biopharmaceuticals




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