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Air Lift vessel

The air lift vessel is specifically design for cell lines which require air mixing functions and also avoid damaging the cell shear. Some cell lines are so fragile in culture that any type of mechanical impeller will shear them. This system is using the concept of sparging the air to gently circulate cells by injecting air from the bottom and growth media without damaging the morphology.  With large vessel surface are and optional external light source, plant cells are able to perform photosynthesis reaction easily. It is ideal for agitator cells such as plant cells, mushroom, fungus, and algae culture. Double jacketed and single wall jacketed (with or without temperature control) are both available upon request.


  • Multiple selection of vessel of 5 and 10 litters
  • Air sparge extends beyond top plate to prevent syphons back
  • Low shear action ensures good oxygen transfer
  • Micro sparger with adjustable draft tube to perform water circulation and high aeration efficiencies
  • Available in single wall and double wall
  • Low energy input, high yield alternative to stirred tank system
  • Mechanical clamp design for easily stripped for cleaning
  • Compact foot print area







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