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Single wall vessel

This vessel is a standard single wall vessel culture which commonly used for education, research, and small production.  It is an external heating concept using single wall vessel with the heating disk at the bottom. This vessel is an ideal instrument for your routine culture or educational purpose. The base with the heating plate is made of stainless steel to bring good durability to withstand the heavy duty job. This vessel also includes inner coil to perform fast heating and cooling. This vessel can be an excellent vessel for aerobic and anaerobic microbial culture and yeast culture. Customize impeller selection available allow user to choose the suitable impeller to fit their cell type.


  • Multiple selection of vessel from up to 10L working volume (1L, 1.5L, 3L, 5L, 7L, 10)
  • Multiple choice of Impeller design provide  flexibility and high yields for different cell types
  • Inclusive stainless steel base and heating disk
  • Ideal for aerobic and anaerobic microbial culture and yeast culture
  • Design for the routine and heavy duty job





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